Welcome to Michael Roche Art, where you can see some of the projects Michael 
has completed, and others that are still in progress. You can also follow
@MichaelRocheArt on Instagram and TikTok.

See all of Michael's Videos on YouTube.com/StanSLavsky

"We're Two Dudes Riding Horses".
Written, Performed and Edited by Michael Roche. Part of the Back At Home Project.

"The Greek Chorus Rock" lyric video
Written by Michael Roche. Performed by Barby Roche, Samantha Roche, Shane Roche.
Part of the Back At Home Project.

Rehearsal footage from the world premiere concert reading of "Monster: A New Musical".
Footlighters Theater, Berwyn, Pa. January 7-9, 2022.
View more at MonsterTheMusical.com

Bowling For Soup's "Getting Old Sucks (But Everybody's Doing It)

Directed, Filmed & Edited Michael Roche
Puppets created Samantha Roche. Operated by the Roche Family.

Doing a bit of stand-up comedy, talking about Parenting.

Hershey Puppet is the new host of "Some Good News"... or is he?
What does John Krasinski have to say about that?

Arnold Dinglemeyer Theatrical Play preview. 
The play has been produced at Villanova University, The Philadelphia Fringe Festival,
and as a YouTube series. Contact Michael Roche if you're interested in presenting the play.

Animated concept video for the song "Just Like You" from Monster: A New Musical.
Music, Lyrics and Animation by Michael Toolan Roche.
For more information check out www.MonsterTheMusical.com

Halloween Music by Zombies on Vacation.
Digital Download available on iTunes, CDBaby and more.

Written, Performed & Produced by Michael Roche

How to make a "How To Video". Do you have a passion that you would like to share in a step by step process?
Then this fun video will give you some guidance to get your ideas from your brain to the screen. Have fun!

Learn the difference between upstage, downstage, stage left and stage right in this animation.  
Music: "A Freak" used with permission from Moby at www.mobygratis.com
Animation by Michael Roche